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Education Department under Zhejiang Provincial Government Organizes Expert Group to carry out Mid-term Review On Provincial Key Constructional Majors in Our University

      On November 15 and 16, the 6-expert group did a mid-term review over the provincial constructional majors in our university ― majors of the Information Management and Information System as well as English.
      At the meeting held on the afternoon of November 15, Qian Guoying, Vice-president of the university; Professor Yan Guoqing, Chairman of Business School; and Professor Dong Junfeng, Chairman of Foreign Languages College respectively gave their reports to the expert group on the construction work of the key majors. The group thereafter had a deep and comprehensive investigation on the above-mentioned construction work, by means of listening to the viewpoints from teachers and students, holding conversazione, questionnaires and even visiting the classrooms. They also went to the two colleges and carefully inspected the teaching facilities including laboratories and reading rooms. They consulted the teaching documents concerned, and at the same time had talks with the leaders of the colleges and the backbone teachers.
      The experts, on the following day, gave feedback to the university. Professor Gong Jianli, the head of the group and also Vice-president of Zhejiang Science and Technology College, pointed out: in conformity to the features of Wanli University and to the rules of major construction, we have strengthened the curriculum construction and achieved some better results, prompting the two majors development. He added that, the university attaches importance to teaching standard and sets up a number of rules and regulations, as a consequence improving the teaching quality. He highly praised the teachers and students for their industriousness, hard working, professional dedication and love towards the university. In addition, the experts came up with some valuable advices and suggestions on the aspects of laboratory equipment, practice field, library references and so on. They also put forward brilliant ideas on how to bring major construction along with curriculum construction to a higher level, and how to make clearer and cultivate the teaching characteristics of key majors. These insightful views will clearly orient the ways of the major construction in our university.
      At the meeting President Wang Yuanming, on behalf of the university, expressed thanks to the expert. He particularly pointed out that, the mid-term review profoundly inspected and guided the construction of the majors, especially the provincial key majors in our university, by means of which our university will make clearer thoughts and orientation in our teaching work. The first year for the key major construction having passed, our university will face the major construction with a sense of crises in the near future. We should make a further step, work even harder and endeavor brilliant accomplishments in the following three years. In the meantime our university will try to create an open environment motivate the major construction with favourable regulations.
     This mid-term review will not only clarify our construction task of the two majors from now on, and also help promote the overall development of the curriculums and majors in our university.