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The Provincial Appraisal Team Okays Wanli’s Innovative Educational Program

    On Nov. 9th, authorized by the Education Department of Zhejiang province, the appraisal team, headed by Prof. Pan Mao-yuan came to appraise Wanli’s Program of  Innovating the school-running System and exploring and Establishing the Long-term System to ensure the Education Quality. Mr. Fang Yong-ping, the section chief of Zhejiang Higher Education Department, presided over the appraising meeting.

    The team heard the reports given by Xu Ya-feng, the General Secretary of the  Party Committee and Wang Yuan-ming, the president of our university, who are in charge of this program, and also read up the materials related to the program. The appraisal team concludes that the program has got several innovative points in the following aspects.
     Firstly, in the light of the “Wanli Mode”,a new system has come into being. Wanli University is the first common university in China that has implemented this kind of reformation. The new system defines rights, responsibilities and obligations of the executives, the directors and the sponsors for the school. The close cooperation of these three parties have become a composite force to run the school, and provided  a system to ensure its the expansion in scale and improvement in quality against the background of popularized education.
     Secondly, with a view to meeting the needs of the market, a new concept of cultivation goal and education quality has been established. This program has actively upgraded the education concept and established a new quality concept of higher education with adaptability as its core and active participation in social competition as its guide-lines.
      Thirdly, it establishes the concept of “students-oriented” concept, and forms a work ethic--“teaching should focus on students, administrative logistics should focus on teachers, and the whole education affair should focus on cultivating people.” It also has advocated and put into practice the idea that “all the teachers and staff workers should dedicate themselves to the cultivation of the students; that students should be trained to become all-round capable persons in the whole course of their study, under whatever circumstances and in an all-round way.
     Fourthly, a long-term system to ensure the education quality has been established, with its investing , adjusting and operating functions as the core. For example, the priority of allocation goes to the efficiency, cost accounting is done at the college or department level; great importance is attached to flexible market feedback and adjustment etc. These mechanisms have ensured the effective long-term control of education quality.
      The experts of the appraisal team also hold that the program has played a very important role in demonstrating how to ensure and improve the education quality in the reformed and newly-established universities.