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Two Teachers from ZWU Ranked High in National College-level Micro-lecture Competition

Liang Yuan and Zhang Chunli, two teachers from the Junior College of Wanli University entered into the final round of the First National College-level Microlecture Design Competition and won Grand Prize. Liang even entered into the live evaluation round of the National Finals.

Co-hosted by the Ministry of Education and CollegeTeachingResearchCenter, this contest has attracted many colleges and universities and has gathered 1,881 micro lectures after the preliminary contest, quarter finals and finals in the seven competition districts since March the first in 2015. At last, 189 entries got Grand Prize and were admitted to the national finals. After being evaluated by the judges, 95 pieces of the competitive works came to the live evaluation round of the National Finals and five of them were from ZhejiangProvince. The prize won by the two teachers shows the fruit of the curricula construction in the Junior College. And the teaching staff of the Junior College will sum up the experience in this competition and continue the reform in the construction the fundamental courses.