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A Delegation of Five from ZWU Visited Universities in Australia and New Zealand

Recently, a delegation of five led by Secretary of Wanli University Jiang Jianjun paid a visit to the University of West Sidney (UWS) and Jamescook University (JCU) in Australia and Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) in New Zealand.

In UWS, the delegates discussed about the PQP program with Dr. Michael Blissenden, Dr. Laurel Jackson, Dr. Stella Wu, project manager Chester Bendall and commissioner Ran Xiao of the international office. PQP is a two-year postgraduate program intended for the senior students of business majors in ZhejiangWanliUniversity. According to the program, students of business major may begin their postgraduate study in UWS from their senior year and their study will last for two years. The students who have had all the credits needed will be given a master’s degree and will have the qualifications to apply for a job visa.

JamescookUniversity is a distinguished research-oriented university in Australia. The officials of JCU introduced the general condition of the university and IOT major to Secretary Jiang and other Wanli teachers. Then the two parties talked about the cooperation between the IOT majors and the scientific researches of teachers.

During their visit in MIT, Wanli teachers held a detailed discussion about the future cooperation of the two universities with some officers and teachers from the College of Commerce and Informational Technology and the Major of Engineering and Trade. After the meeting, the delegates visited the new MIT campus known for its advanced facilities and convenient transportation. In the future the two universities will promote the coordination and mutual communication.