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The Annual Conference of ZAFLL Being Held in ZWU

On November 14th, many distinguished experts and scholars from colleges and universities of ZhejiangProvince came to our university attend to the Annual Conference of Zhejiang Association of Foreign Languages& Literatures (ZAFLL)—Foreign Language and Public Culture Construction Forum under the context of “One Belt One Road (OBOR)”.

Co-hosted by ZAFLL, Foreign Language College of ZWU and Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, the conference attracted over 130 experts, scholars and teachers of 40 foreign language colleges and universities of the council. Prof. Mo Lili, Dean of Foreign Language College of ZWU, hosted the conference and warmly welcomed the visiting scholars. University Secretary of Party Committee Jiang Jianjun reported the general conditions, educational system and features to the attending experts and wished the meeting success. Afterwards, Prof. Zhao Fa, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Zhejiang University of Foreign Languages, made an opening speech, which was followed by an annual working report delivered by President of ZAFLL, Prof. Yin Qiping from HangZhouNormalUniversity.

      At this year’s conference, distinguished experts were especially invited to give academic lectures. They were Changjiang Scholar, Professor Shi Xu who gave a lecture about “The Battle of Defense Discourse”; American scholar, Dr. Osborne who delivered a lecture Teaching and Learning Syntax in Terms of Dependencies”; and Professor Cahi Gaiying from Zhejiang Gongshang University who made a speech about “How to Promote Positive Teachers’ Culture Based on Teaching”. The wonderful lectures stirred strong interest and gained long applause from the audience.

      Besides, academic seminars were held concerning different topics such as “Foreign Language Teaching and the Construction of Public Culture”, “Foreign Literature and the Construction of Public Culture”, “Translation and the Construction of Public Culture” and “Teacher’s Development and the Construction of Public Culture”. After heated discussions about the topics, many experts and scholars agreed that they needed to not only finish the routine teaching and research work but also inherit traditional Chinese culture and spread it out to the world.

     Prof. Yin Qiping presided over the closing ceremony and talked about the work plan in 2016 and Prof. Liu Fagong made the closing speech. After the conference, experts and scholars all showed thankfulness to the faculty and students of our university for their hospitality and expressed their amazement about the achievements of the Foreign Language College of ZWU.