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Drama Festival Became the Highlight of International Wanli Series

Drama Festival Became the Highlight of International Wanli Series

November 12th witnessed the opening of the Twelfth Foreign Language Drama Festival held by the Foreign Languages College. As a characteristic cultural activity, it has been held for 12consecutive sessions. After the heated preliminary, seven classes stood out for the final.The chair of Wanli Education Group Ms. Xu Yafen entered the auditorium with the full audience in fervent exclamation and applause who was deeply touched and made a brilliant speech to enlighten each student in FLC.  

The festival opened with My Fair Ladyfromthe English class 135 that made the audience grasp the plot clearly, meanwhile adequately displaying the heroine’s transformation in pronunciation and intonation. Following it was the Interlocking Stratagems from the Japanese class 133 narrating the classic story with individualistic characters, such as the enchanting Diao-chan, the handsome and valiant Lv-bu and the domineering Dong-zhuo. From the same movie Frozen came two distinctive versions of The Frozen Dream and Return to Summer performed by the English class 134 and 137 respectively with different sparkles. The English class 139 put Shakespeare’ comedy A Midsummer Night's Dream on stage focusing on the two couples. With exquisite props and costumes, and extraordinary performances, they represented the complex relationship between characters clearly and successfully though the elf made troubles at times. The well-known fairy tale Snow Whitewas adapted daringly by the English class 136 into Snow White and the Seven Dwarfsin which the queen took no pride in her beauty but in her intelligence instead who aspired to be the most intelligent person in the world and Snow White turned out to be a handsome young man instead of being a pretty girl. Based on the classic Journey to the West, The LadiesKingdom was performed by the Japanese class 132 in which a swordsman in red with white hair wielded the sword like a real swordsman did in a supreme state and it ended with the popular song “only you” that made everyone amused.

These seven classes displayed entirely distinctive dramatic performances with gorgeous costumes, delicate makeups, fluent speeches and well-acted representations. Eventually, the English class 136 and the Japanese class 132 won the first prizes. Each performance can be called perfect to some extent and it is delighting and praiseworthy that there are certain innovations each year. The drama festival offered a passionate drama feast for the audience that left a deep impression on each honored guest, judge, teacher and student alike.