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Prizes Captured in Zhejiang College Student Arts Festival

Recently, Zhejiang College Student Arts Festival of 2015 drew its curtain in the city of Hang Zhou. Attracting over 3000 teachers and students from about 70 colleges and universities, the festival aimed to demonstrate the theme of “National Spirit—Chinese Dream”. The performances of Wanli students won a second prize in chorus and “the Best Voice Competition”, a “Top Ten Singer” title and “Best Male Singer”. Besides, Huang Bei, a teacher of WanliUniversity, also won the title of “Top Ten Adviser in Singing”.

Hosted by Education Department, Culture Department, Finance Department, Media Group and League Committee of Zhejiang Province, this festival was organized by ChinaJiliangUniversity and China Academy of Art. During the festival, a large number of teachers and students showed their artistic talent and produced many wonderful artistic works.

For the festival, the university authority made careful preparations in the selection, submission and live performance of the programs. After the teachers’ selfless instruction and students’ painstaking efforts, the artistry of our students’ performances not only won the prizes but also show a strong sense of teamwork and group honor. Our school authority has been stressing the importance of quality education and artistic education. By holding plenty of campus activities such as Top Ten Singing Competition, Elite Art on Campus, New Year Evening and the Recital of Student Artistic Group, the university combines artistic education with academic education, intending to foster students’ beautiful soul and inspire them to pursue truth, kindness and beauty.