The University of Nottingham, Ningbo China
University of Dundee


Second Prize Captured in the Third Zhejiang Spoken Chinese Competition

In early November, the third Zhejiang Spoken Chinese Competition ended in Shaoxing University. Five students of Wanli University won second and third prizes under the guidance of the instructors. Hosted by Zhejiang College Science and Technology Competition Committee, this is one of Zhejiang College Level Science and Technology competitions, aiming to help college students to speak Mandarin Chinese, cultivate reading habits, and improve their discretion and overall abilities so as to promote Chinese culture.

There were 264 contestants from about 46 colleges and universities attending this year’s competition. Two of our students went to the finals together with 78 other competitors and won the second place for their excellent performances. The accomplishment gained in this competition demonstrates the thought of the school authority’s talent cultivation and proves to be another fruit of the combination of talent cultivation, student activity group and subject competition. Students excel themselves in variety of competitions by joining in professional societies to improve their practical abilities. Currently there are dozens of student societies and clubs on campus, which provides professional training and plenty of practicing chances for the students who have interest in the field.