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Prof. Maele from Catholic University of Leuven Visited ZWU

On March 31st, Prof. Jan Van Maele from Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) visited ZWU under the invitation of Innovation College and offered instruction for the new course Intercultural Training . Prof. Maele who majors in language assessment and intercultural communication with remarkable experience in education management as well teaches the course of Language and Communication in Group T-International University. 

On the afternoon, Prof. Maele gave a lecture themed with “Intercultural Training ” to undergraduates of Innovation College and postgraduates of logistics engineering. Also, he briefly introduced the program IEREST that offered rich intercultural education and learning resources for exchange students and teaching staff. Then, Prof. Maele made a thorough discussion with the attending students on the excerpts from the book Living in Leuven followed by case study and related knowledge of intercultural communication. After the lecture, students of Innovation College interviewed Prof. Maele and accompanied him to visit ZWU campus whose remarkable communication skills and independent thinking won Prof. Maele’s full appreciation. 

This visit not only offered more knowledge and resources of intercultural communication for the students of Innovation College that are helpful to promote their intercultural competence, but also provided rich theoretical instruction for the new course Intercultural Training of Innovation College as well.