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ZWU Graduate LIU Shi-shi Won 2015 Ningbo College Students “Entrepreneurial Growth Star”

Recently, 2010 computer graduate LIU Shi-shi was awarded as 2015 Ningbo College Students “Entrepreneurial Growth Star”.

It is learned that “Entrepreneurial Growth Star” is another activity after “Promising Entrepreneur” launched by Ningbo Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security to encourage college students’ entrepreneurship. Compared with the “Promising Entrepreneur”, the selection is more rigid as the candidates must meet the following requirements: the profit and tax should exceed RMB 1,500,000 with more than 20 staff and the annual sales revenue should be more than RMB30,000,000.

The main products of Ningbo Yong-run Network Technology Co., Ltd. that was set up by LIU Shi-shi are the development and operations of desktop software, the development of APP and games, the operation of advertisement alliance and portals. In 2015, its profit and tax reached RMB 14,610,000 with more than 150 staff and the annual sales revenue was RMB 30, 280,000.  LIU Shi-shi stood out among the candidates for his entrepreneurial achievement and emerged as one of the ten Ningbo College Students “Entrepreneurial Growth Stars”.

As to the award, LIU Shi-shi stated,  “My success is closely related to the cultivation and education of entrepreneurial talents I have received at ZWU. In the future, the firm will develop a close cooperation with the University and offer a bit contribution to promoting the training and employment of the fellow graduates.