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University of Dundee


ZWU Garnered the Gold Award in 10th Zhejiang “Challenge Cup” College Student Business Plan Competition

The 10th Zhejiang “Challenge Cup” College Student Business Plan Competition was held in Wenzhou Medical University from May 20th to 22nd, drawing 230 entries from 54 colleges and universities in Zhejiang Province. A team headed by WANG Yan from the Business School submitted the entry 228 Maker Coffee under the instruction Mr. SUN Qi that won the Gold Award and it will participate in the national competition on behalf of Zhejiang province.

Since the initiation in June 2015, this session of “Challenge Cup” has attracted great attention from the university authority and gained huge support from the secondary colleges and drew wide participation from the teaching staff and students. More than 20 lectures related to the competition were organized, such as, the training, assessment, the instruction and demonstration that laid a good foundation for the marvelous achievement in the competition. It eventually received 87 entries with more than 900 teachers and students participating in it, of which, 4 entries survived for the provincial finals and the entry 228 Maker Coffee won the Gold Award .