The University of Nottingham, Ningbo China
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Teachers of Our University Awarded at the 32nd Teacher’s Day Ceremony

    September 8th saw the awards ceremony of the 32nd Teacher’s Day in Ning Bo. The mayor, deputy mayor and other city officials involved attended the ceremony, in which 379 outstanding teachers and over 100 representatives were granted “Silkworm Prize”, “Green Leaf Prize” and other relevant prizes.

  In the ceremony, teachers in our university were also given prizes and titles. For instance, Xu Aimin won the title of “Zhejiang outstanding college teacher of 2016”; Wei Miaoting was awarded the title of “Zhejiang excellent tutor of 2016”; Wang Yaling, Yang Zhenfeng and Tang Xianfeng were granted the title of “Ning Bo outstanding teacher of 2016”; Yang Yaping won the title of “Ning Bo excellent teaching staff of 2016”. In recent years, our university aims at building itself into an application-oriented university of high level. With this guiding principle, an excellent teaching staff has been fostered in WanliUniversity.