The University of Nottingham, Ningbo China
University of Dundee


ZWU Invited Taiwan Partner Institutions to Attend Ningbo-Taiwan Education Cooperation Conference

From September 22nd to 24th, ZWU invited Taiwan partner institutions, such as, China University of Technology and I-Shou University to attend 2016 Ningbo-Taiwan Education Cooperation Conference that was sponsored by Ningbo Municipal People's Government and hosted by Education Bureau of Ningbo City and Taiwan Affairs Office of Ningbo City.

During the conference, LIAO Xian-wen (Vice President of China University of Technology), XIE YAO-HONG (Director of Cross-strait Exchange Center) and HUANG Geng-xiang (Deputy Director of the International and Cross-strait Exchange Center of I-Shou University) were invited to pay a visit at ZWU and got warmly welcomed by the Vice President QIAN Guo-ying.

Leaders from Taiwan colleges and universities reviewed what have been achieved in academic communication and student exchange since the cooperation. Both parties agree that biliteral exchanges would be more helpful to gain a win-win achievement and promote the relationship of cross-strait teachers and students. And thus they proposed some specific measures to ensure the implementation of cross-strait communication. Moreover, both parties can learn the advanced education ideology and experiences from each other, integrate resources, education and industry and promote the education reform and development. It is believed this conference will deepen the cooperation between ZWU and Taiwan institutions of higher education.