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A Delegation of Wanli Visits US and Canada for In-depth Cooperation

In late September, a delegation of WanliUniversity went to the United States and Canada and visited some colleges and universities for coordination. Led by Secretary Jiang Jianjun, the delegates visited NorthernIllinoisUniversity, State University of New York College at Plattsburgh, and AlgonquinCollege.

In NorthernIllinoisUniversity, the delegates discussed with the school officials on the past cooperative projects and the issues like credit exchange and confirmation in future cooperation. Up to now, finance and accounting are two majors that have 2+2 dual-degree programs and docking courses. In addition, the two parties have achieved cooperative intention about new projects such as 3+1+1(or 4+1) international financial class and an independent institute built and managed by both. In State University of New York College at Plattsburgh, the two parties have further discussions on the implementation of 2+2 cooperative program in logistics, finances and accounting. Besides, a cooperative intention has also been achieved in the majors as journalism, new media and public management. In AlgonquinCollege, 3+1 postgraduate program of convention and exhibition is the major topic of the meeting between two university representatives. In addition to that, summer programs have also been discussed.

  Apart from the discussions about further coordination, the delegates researched on the operation and promotion model of students’ clubs. They also visited two professors who had worked in Wanli and asked for their feedbacks on the work and life in our university. At last, the delegates had a meeting with Wanli students studying in NIU and SUNY, and asked some questions about their life and study abroad.