The University of Nottingham, Ningbo China
University of Dundee


Wanli Students Score High in Zhe jiang College-Level Chemistry Contest

In the 8th Zhe Jiang Provincial College-Level Chemistry Contest that ended on September 30th, Wanli students won a first prize, two second prize and two third prize.

Directed by Department of Education of ZheJiangProvince, Zhe Jiang Chemists and Pharmacy Committee of Higher Education, and Zhe Jiang Chemistry Association, this contest has attracted 30 colleges and universities since April. Among the 217 teams that joined the competition and delivered innovative experiment reports, 56 of them came to the finals. Our university sent five teams and got excellent results.

Including four sections—chemical knowledge test, innovation program, defense section, and practical ability test, this contest intended to examine students’ academic knowledge, basic ability, practical ability, innovative consciousness and innovative ability in chemistry. In the process of the contest, teachers and students in the College  of Biological and Environmental Sciences showed serious attitudes towards and spared no effort in every part, from making experiment plans to submitting experiment reports.

As part of “the second class”, this contest is an important extracurricular activity for college students. It is not only a competition to examine students’ theoretical knowledge, but also a new platform on which students display their practical ability and innovative potential. With “putting theory into practice” being its primary goal, talent cultivation model is perfected and a “science-oriented” academic atmosphere is created through the contest.