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Open the Door to the Society for Graduates The Initiating Activities of the Academic Year 2004/2005------“In Service of Our Graduates’ Employment and Business Starting

     In order to better deal with the new employment situation due to the popularization of higher education, help the students of our university enhance their quality and fully understand the employment  situation, make them ideologically, technically and psychologically prepared for and find the right job or actively start business of their own, we planned and organized a series of activities of the academic year from 2004to 2005 “ In Service of the Graduates, Employment and Business Starting.”
    The theme of these activities is "Seize today and tomorrow belongs to you." They total 23 activities which fall into 3 categories, namely, career guidelines, business starting guidelines and employment service. The career guidelines provide students with career planning tests and career consulting, which will help them to get a better and comprehensive idea of what they are interested in and accomplish the development of their career. The business starting guidelines provide training of “start your business” (SYB), conduct activities such as  “Entrepreneurs Symposium in Wanli University--- Being Professional Managers”, and Graduates’ Career Planning Competition, to arouse the passion and improve the ability of graduates to start their own business. The employment service provides the graduates with employment consulting and training in professional technique and other service so as to give the graduating students an effective and comprehensive help with their employment.
     President  Wang YuanMing, Vice-President, and Vice Secretary of the Party Committee Chen Juexiang, and other leaders of our university attended the opening ceremony of these activities on the evening of 2nd  November .Also present were distinguished quests, He Wei, vice director of personnel Development Office of Human Resource Bureau of Ningbo city, He Weiben, director of EMBA, ICA career development fund of Sino-Europe Business Institute, Yufeng, general manager of Zhejiang region of Zhongyuan Logistic Center. Mr. He Weiben and Mr. He Wei were sincerely invited to be the mentors on the career starting and vocational development of our graduates.
     At the same time, the ceremony also served as the first release ceremony of the book “Enter into the Yangtze River Delta--- The Road to the Development of Privately-run Enterprises.” The book is written by scores of students of our university, after they visited the Yangtze River Delta in summer holiday and did investigation and research work on some well-known entrepreneurs and their  enterprises and systematically examined the social and economic development situation in the region. It is an all-embracing book about 50 representative privately-run enterprises and is written by the students with passion. The book provides complete material for our graduates to learn about the economy of the Yangtze River Delta  and the culture of privately-run enterprises and their requirements for human resources, thus pointing out the direction for the students to enter the society, the Yangtze River Delta and privately-run enterprises.
After the brief but ceremonious opening, the mentors on business starting and career development of the graduating students of our university, Mr. He Wei and Mr. Yufeng, gave the students talks on career planning, resume writing and job applying, and the requirements for human resources of enterprises . The talk given by Mr. He was especially wonderful which lasted for about three hours, during which none of the students or teachers left. They felt the report very helpful and instructive.