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The First Manager Training Class of ZheJiang Private Enterprises Successfully Opens

    At 9:30 a.m of November 4th, the 1st session of manager base of ZheJiang private enterprise formally started. The training courses were offered by Business School of Zhejiang Wanli University to promote the competitiveness of private entrepreneurs in YueXi Town, Xiang Shan County.
    This training class was given soon after publishing ceremony of " private entrepreneur training textbooks " and forum on training private entrepreneurs on September 20th. Just one and a half months later, teachers of Business School began preparatory work for this training class. They carried out every piece of work actively and carefully to receive the first group of students, who were bosses and directors from: Zhejiang Giant Eagle Group, NingBo Yong-nan Knitting Co., Ltd.  Ningbo Hua-rong Knitting Co, Ltd, MingJia Knitting Co, Ltd and other 40 private enterprises which are located in JueXi.
     Honorable guests attended the opening ceremony, including Wang Yuanming, president of ZheJiang Wanli University, Xing ShiJie, vice-secretary of party and worker’s committee of JueXi, Yan Guoqing, dean of Business School, Lou Baijun, vice-dean, Chen Guo-he, vice-dean and secretary of Business School, and Ju Fang-hui, assistant of president and Professor Zhong Hong-sheng, etc. At the opening ceremony, president Wang Yuan Ming emphasized that this training class was of significance of to the development of enterprises. He pointed out that ZheJiang private enterprises had already drawn the attention from home and abroad, while the economic globalization, rapid change of science and technology put forward higher demands for enterprises, which required entrepreneur to be improved and updated with times.
     Yan Guoqing read the congratulation letter from Zhejiang Economic and Trade Commission. The letter conveyed commission’s warm congratulations on successful launching of the first private enterprises training class and encouraged the Business School to offer more trainings successfully and conscientiously in the future.
   After the opening ceremony, five professors gave lectures in different aspects: trade market of the fabrics, enterprise growth and marketing plan, administration of the private enterprise, tax revenue of the private enterprise. They wereProf. Zhong Hong Sheng, Xu Ya-fen, secretary of our university, Huang Jiang-wei, AUX marketing director, Lou Bai-jun, associate professors of the Business School and Prof. He XinYu. Their excellent lectures gained lasting applauses from the students. On the morning of the 5th, the students visited Youngor Group Co., Ltd and Bridge Knitting Group. From these two typical NingBo clothing enterprises, students learned a lot of experience about growth and development of clothing enterprise.
   At 16:30 p.m, November 6th, the first training classes of private enterprise, which lasted three days ended smoothly. A student told the journalist that those classes reflected the updated trends of business and combined the theory with the reality of JueXi’s industry. It could be said the best training that he had received. Xing ShiJie, vice-secretary of party and worker’s committee of JueXi, believed that the training class gave JueXi entrepreneurs much experience and improved themselves a lot. He said that he would invite more JeXi entrepreneurs to join in future. At the same time, he also hoped to strengthen the cooperation with Wanli University in such areas as talent cultivation, graduates employment, consultation and solutions to difficult problems in the future.