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ZWU Ranks 60th among China's Universities in Educational Science Research Achievements

       The Editorial Department of China’s Higher Education Study, an esteemed academic journal in the field of higher educational research in China, has recently compiled a collection of statistics that ranks academic research papers published between the months of January and December 2004. Of the 538 Chinese institutions mentioned, Zhejiang Wanli University, with eleven academic papers, ranked 60th on the list along with Dalian University of Technology, North-east Normal University, Hebei Normal University, East China University of Science and Technology, and Southwest Jiaotong University. These papers constitute the work of some of our most eminent academics; Chen Juexiang, the Party Secretary and CEO of the University, Wang Gang, the Provost, Prof. Lu Xingqi, the head of Academic Research Department, et al.

        The national poll has been carried out since the year 2000, and has become increasingly well known and valued. The research results are reported by important websites, newspapers and academic journals, and are an important indicator for evaluating the educational research achievements of Chinese universities.