The University of Nottingham, Ningbo China
University of Dundee


A Post-doctoral Workstation Established in Wanli Marine Organism Seed Industry Institute of Ning Hai

On June 30th, a missive from Zhejiang Provincial Post-doctorate Office announced the ratification of Wanli’s Post-doctoral Station of Marine Organism Seed Industry in Ning Hai. According to this document that stresses the down-to-earth spirit, expansion, and sustainability, this post-doctoral workstation is to play an active role in the enrollment of high talents and in the coordination among the production, education and research.

The founding of this post-doctoral workstation is of tremendous significance in that it not only strengthens the coordination between the Ninghai Marine Organism Seed Industry Institution and distinguished scientific research institutes and universities, but is helpful to the recruitment of high talents and the advancement of cutting-edge technology. In the meantime, it is conducive to the transformation of our scientific outcomes and their serving the socioeconomic development by means of deepening the cooperation of the scientific research and production.

Supported by the relative center of post-doctoral studies of Chinese Marine University, our post-doctoral workstation is to welcome the first doctors in July, whose scientific researches center around some key technological problems of marine industry.