The University of Nottingham, Ningbo China
University of Dundee


Wanli Students Awarded the First Prize in Lan Qiao Cup’s National Finals

November 14th saw good news released from the 11th Lan Qiao Cup National Software and Information Technology Professional Talent Contest, which revealed one first prize, seven second prizes and five third prizes won by our students from College of Big Data and Software Engineering and College of Information and Intelligence Engineering. The awards of the thirteen Wanli students made our university rank the 52th among the 503 colleges and universities in C++ group. 

Impacted by the pandemic, this year’s national finals was not hold in Beijing, but organized on the internet in each of the participating colleges and universities. Of more than 800 contestants taking part in this online competition, the first prize winners in provincial contests would go to the national finals according to the rules. Directed and trained by their teachers in programming, computation, subject training, past exam analysis, and simulated contest, our students had made arduous efforts for the competition. Finally 59 Wanli students took part in Lan Qiao Cup Zhejiang on October 18 and won 14 first prize, 18 second prize and 16 third prize, which marked a breakthrough in both quality and proportion of the prizes.

As a national IT competition of college level held by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Lan Qiao Cup is a very important one of its kinds in the field of higher education reform and innovation. It aims to promote the students’ creativity, innovation and practical ability so as to build a bridge between the higher education and social practice. This competition has attracted more than 400,000 competitors from the country since it was first held in the year 2000. About 60,000 students from 1,200 colleges and universities took part in this year’s contest.