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University of Dundee


Our Students Awarded in the Eleventh College Students’ Physical Innovation Competition

A recent news reports that five projects made by our students were awarded in the Eleventh Zhejiang Provincial College Students’ Physical Innovation Competition in 2020. Sponsored by the Junior College and directed by the teachers from Junior College and College of Information and Intelligence Engineering, the five projects that won the third prize of the competition include “Cold Chain Monitoring System Based on Multi-Sensor Data”, “Air Quality Monitoring System Based on Laser Sensor”, “Fire Alarm System of NB-Io T Based on Fuzzy Neural Network”, “Intelligent Safe Lock”, and “Intelligent Fish Tank”.

Having the theme of “building a well-off society with physics”, the contest involved three sections: preliminary contest, the quarter-final and the final round. Impacted by the pandemic, the preliminary contest was organized by the colleges and universities. The quarter-final was organized by the competition committees and was held in different cities. And the final section was held via the internet, including project presentation and defense part. Hosted by Zhejiang Competition Committee of Collegiate Scientific and Technological Innovation, Zhejiang Educational Committee of Collegiate Physics, and Zhejiang Physical Society, this Physical Innovation Competition aims to cultivate the college students’ passion for physics, their creativity and innovation, and their practical ability in solving problems with what they learn in physics. With five projects coming to the final round and winning prizes in this year’s contest, our school has made a breakthrough in the number of awards and laid a solid foundation for the future competition.