The University of Nottingham, Ningbo China
University of Dundee


Some Online Courses Offered to College Students of Russia and Czech Republic

Recently, some application emails from Russian and Czech college students surprised the teachers of Foreign Language College of our university. About one hundred emails were sent by the students of Yaroslavl State University and University of Claroway in which they applied for the online courses of our university. “I’m happy to see our courses so popular among foreign students,” said Teacher Liang of Chinese Culture. “Nearly all students have taken my course—Chinese Culture. This shows that Chinese culture is welcomed by foreign students, which also shows our country’s international position and image. I’ll make full use of this opportunity and introduce our culture to these students.”

Impacted by the pandemic, the overseas exchange programs were affected. Under this circumstance, the teachers of Foreign Language College decided to grasp this chance and offered some excellent courses via the internet to the students of other countries to spread Chinese culture. All together nine courses were provided after two weeks’ preparation, including Chinese Culture, Western Culture, International Logistics, and International Finance. Since this is the first time our teachers offered online courses to other countries, leaders of Foreign Language College decided to only recruit students in the two universities that have had cooperation with our university. To our surprise, the recruitment email was highly welcomed by the teachers and students of two universities and was immediately answered. Dr. Petra, Dean of International Affair Office in the University of Claroway said that their students showed “big interest” were all eager to learn these courses. These Russian and Czech students are going to take the courses and the term exams and then get the credits and certificate from Zhejiang Wanli University. This is a brand-new attempt in our internationalized subject construction.

In the past five years, teachers of Foreign Language College have established Language Institute of Belt & Road, Center of Czech Language and Culture, Center of Russian Language and Culture, hoping to serve China’s Belt and Road Initiative and cultivate more application-oriented talents for the economic development of the Yangtze River Delta Area. Professor Mo Lili, dean of the college said that with China’s international status being raised, more and more foreign friends have passion for Chinese culture, and so foreign language teachers are obligated to spread our culture to the westerners. She also said that these online courses are sure to provide a virtual simulated learning environment for the Russian and Czech students to get close to Chinese culture and then love the glory of our culture.