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Student Volunteers of Wanli University Serve the First Volunteer Work Contest of Zhejiang Province

From September 26th to 28th, 50 student volunteers of our university worked in the first Volunteer Work Contest held in Ningbo. These Wanli volunteers were highly praised by the contestants for their excellent volunteer work, their positive attitude, and their volunteer spirit of “dedication, care, assistance, and progress”.

Co-hosted by different departments of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee including the Publicity Department, Civilization Office, Civil Affair Department, Federation of Trade Unions, CCYL Committee, and Women’s Federation, this contest aims to promote the “key-window” construction, advance the projectization, socialization, institutional guarantee, and routinization of volunteer service, thus promoting the volunteer work in the new-civilization construction of Zhejiang Province. Volunteer service has always been regarded as an important platform in the ideological and political education of our university, aiming to cultivate a volunteer team with high quality, great power, and excellent work to foster the students’ obligation and participation in social affairs. Up to now, our students have done plenty of volunteer jobs in many important occasions including Olympic Games, World Expo, Games for the Disabled, APEC Senior Officials’ Meetings, Maritime Day Forum, Zhejiang Investment & Trade Symposium, China-CEEC Investment & Trade Expo, Sea Silk Port International Forum, CEEC Youth Training and Exchange Camp, International Tennis Challenge, Nice Carnival, and International Dragon Boat Race.