The University of Nottingham, Ningbo China
University of Dundee


Nineteen Projects of Our University Confirmed as Education and Industry Integrated Projects of Zhejiang Province

A recent news from the Educational Department of Zhejiang Province issued a list of Provincial Education and Industry Integrated Projects of 2020. Sent by different colleges and universities of Zhejiang Province and evaluated by the experts, 25 Model Base of Education and Industry Integration, 255 talent cultivation programs of Education and Industry Coordination, and 596 experimental teaching projects of virtual simulation were finally confirmed. Of the 19 projects in the list, four of them including “CDIO+ Teaching Research of Landscape Architecture Major Based on the Education and Industry Integration Pattern” were talent cultivation programs and 15 of them including “Virtual Simulation Experiment of Vessel Insurance” were experimental teaching projects of virtual simulation.

According to the documents concerning education and industry integration issued by General Office of the State Council and General Office of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Department, this project construction work aims to promote the education and industry integration in colleges and universities, coordinate multiple facets of talents in different walks of life, and work out a system of coordination in higher education. In recent years, our university authority has been working hard at building a channel of education and industry integration from discipline to industry and discipline to innovation, aiming to establish a system of coordination and a two-way channel between our school and those enterprises.