• Welcome from the President

Shi Zhongci, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences

A Message from the President:

  Thank you very much for your interest in our university, Zhejiang Wanli. Ours is a university with a new system of management and characteristics entirely its own, for it not only has a new running mechanism, but also has a beautiful campus well-equipped with state-of the art facilities. “String ahead consistently with Single-mindedness and Moral Integrity” is our university motto, which expresses the “Wanli Sprits”, the fruit of several years’ development at Wanli.

  Our guiding philosophy is that the interest of the students should be center-stage. We are determined to ensure the highest quality in our teaching staff. It is our goal to face up to the market demands and interact with the international academic community while exploring the new path for China’s higher education in the light of the growing demand for tertiary education. 

  We are very conscious of our duty to produce high quality students with proactive characteristics. 
Ingenuity and an innovative spirit are highlighted at Zhejiang Wanli University. I extend a warmly welcome to all international students as well as academic and administrative staff. Furthermore, we are keen to attract foreign universities and enterprises to cooperate with us.

  We look forward to the challenges of the future!

  Shi Zhongci