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Campus Culture

    Every university has its own campus culture, a culture that has its significance on the students. Our campus cultural activities show originality of the university educators in the humane education and personality development.
    In spring, the university focuses its campus cultural activities on environmental protection and social responsibility education, entitled “Environmental Protection Series”. In accordance with the idea of higher education and through a series of environmental protection and “Youth Volunteers” activities, the university aims at guiding the students to build up correct values and world outlook, encourage them to protect the natural environment and develop harmonious interpersonal relationship.
    In summer, the university features its campus culture on “Science and Technology Series”. Aiming at “promoting pragmatic scientific spirit and technological creativity”, and along with activities in memory of the May 4th Patriotic Movement which has brought a spirit of democracy and science to the Chinese people, the university conducts a series of science-and technology-oriented items, including lectures, seminars and contests. As a consequence, in May, everywhere in the campus sees an atmosphere in which everyone advocates the spirit of “innovation, pioneering and creativity”, “deal with concrete matters relating to work”. 
    In autumn, the university begins its “International Culture Series”, meaning to “extend international field of vision and foster international consciousness”. Through a number of lectures, exhibitions and contests, and by means of languages, vision and way of thinking respectively, the university cultivates the young citizens with a sense of the master of the “global village”, a sense of responsibility for international events and a sense of sustainable development. In October, the broad masses of the students devote themselves to activities involving their skilful use of international languages and understanding of international affairs, so as to improve their abilities in international competition and cooperation.
    In winter, the university directs its campus culture activities towards “Chinese Culture Series”, meaning to “Develop Chinese Traditional Culture, Foster Oriental Cultural Charm”. In the process of an active participation in the culture- love- oriented activities, the university, enriching the students with national spirit, guides them in their concern of society, strengthening their social responsibility and sense of historical mission. This item, as the last one in the four series of the year, has become a base and highlight in the movement of our campus culture, promoting Wanli campus as well as cultivating Wanli-style human beings both changing with each passing day.
    Just as there are four distinct seasons in Ningbo, so there are four different programs in Wanli University in Ningbo, which come one after another and duly integrate tradition and innovation, man and nature and our nation and the world with humane education highlighted all through.
    Yang Shu-zi, an academician, believes that “green education” is the integration of the study of the humanities and science and technology. And the four programs are just a good case in point of “green education” in the world of globalization, for they serve to develop humane education and personality-shaping in Wanli University by creating new campus culture and highlighting the importance of the humanities. In other words, they have not only guaranteed the consistency, continuity and development of humane education, but also have made possible the integration of curriculum programs and extracurricular activities, the combination of specialized study and otherwise, the interaction between teachers and students and above all, wide participation. No wonder the four programs are widely recognized among teachers and students alike in Wanli University. No wonder they have worked wonders and no doubt they will.