Teaching in ZWU
  • Teaching in ZWU

 Zhejiang Wanli University is situated in the Yinzhou District of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, P. R. China, with a big freshwater lake (Dongqian Lake) as its neighbour. It enjoys convenient transportation, which only takes two hours to go to Hangzhou City, the capital of Zhejiang province, and 20 minutes to Ningbo downtown area by bus. Its campus occupies an area of 95 hectares and has about eighteen thousand full-time students at present.
     Because of the development of the Foreign Language College and the practice of several co-operation projects with foreign universities, we need qualified English teachers who can teach speaking, writing or IELTS. We would particularly like to employ some with business administration or management education background being qualified to teach Business Majors. All of our students have a basic command of listening, speaking, reading and writing ability.
     Generally speaking, you will have 16 lecture periods (45 minutes each), two hours office work and two hours work for English corner per week.
     During your stay at the university, you will live in a bright apartment on the university campus. The campus, built within the last five years, is fenced and gated and within the grounds there is a friendly community atmosphere with Chinese and foreign teachers living together with the many students at the university. The campus is well landscaped with attractive walkways, lawns and water features and is well served with shops and restaurants to cater for all your needs. Outside the campus you can experience the colour and tradition of Chinese life at the numerous market stalls or stroll by the river in the surrounding parklands. 
     Apartments are self-contained with bedroom, study and living room. They are fully equipped with all you would expect including telephone, air-conditioner, refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, television, VCD and computer with Internet connection as well as cooking utensil. 
     In the International Office there is a team of dedicated staff whose sole function is to care for your welfare during your stay. The team takes great care to ensure your comfortable stay at Wanli. In addition to all this, the International Office organizes and arranges free tours for the foreign teachers. There is always someone from the team to accompany the teachers on these trips and to explain local points of interest and to translate when necessary.
     Monthly salary is from RMB 4000-5000 Yuan according to your background and experience. Alone this we offer RMB 100 Yuan for each additional period. We will increase your salary 5-10% yearly according to the evaluation of teaching quality (RMB5000 per month is the maximum).
     For an academic year contract, we will offer a return international airfare (Paid in RMB 8000 Yuan) and there is a vocational subsidy of RMB 2200. For one semester contract, we will offer one-way international airfare (Paid in RMB 4000 Yuan) and the vocational subsidy is RMB 1100.
     Foreign teachers can enjoy 80% free medical care from the school Clinic and outpatient department at the local hospital. 
      Why don’t you write to us to experience different cultural atmosphere and experience waiting for you in Wanli University? Please email your resume, copies of your academic certificates, passport, your present photo and recommendation letter to International Office at ftr@zwu.edu.cn or fax to 0086-(0)-574-88222264. Telephone calls are welcome (0086-(0) 574-88222047)