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        Zhejiang Wanli University (ZWU) , situated in the Higher Education Park of Ningbo City, covers a total area of 95 hectares and consists of Huilong Campus and Qianhu Campus. ZWU has the most beautiful human-orientated campus, green and well-equipped, widely recognized by people from the educational circle.
  In ZWU, there are Business School,Modern logistics school, Law School, Faculty of Culture and Media, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Art and Design, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Electronic and Information Engineering, Faculty of Computing and Information Technology, Junior College, Adult Education College, Continuing Education College as well as international college with 2 postgraduate(2-3 years)programs and 38 undergraduate(4-year)programs, which contains disciplines such as economics, law, literature, science, engineering, agriculture and management.
  At present, the total number of full-time students in ZWU is over 20,000. There are 1050 teachers among a staff of 1333, which is fairly rational in professional titles, educational background and ages.
  Zhejiang Wanli University has floor space of 590,000 square meters and experimental equipment worth more than RMB 240 million yuan installed in different laboratory centers. The University has a library with a collection of more than 1.7 million books, among which 3,000 are current journals in both Chinese and foreign languages. In the library, there are “the Closed Mirror Station for China Academic Journal Net”, “Wanfang Data Service Center” and over 6000 digital magazines on the university network.
  ZWU has established cooperative relationships with many universities from UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Korea and so on for exchanging students, sharing educational resources, mutually recognizing each others’ credits. 
  The University has set up World College to recruit overseas students, and give intensive English training to the students who are willing to go abroad for their further study.
  “Wanli Annual Culture-Themed Series”, “Wanli Annual Science-Themed Series”, “Wanli Annual Environment-friendly Series” and “Wanli International Theme Series” have become essential and indispensable parts of campus culture of the University. Unique and colorful activities organized by students’ societies have helped to create an academic atmosphere and humanistic environment for the individual growth and the cultivation of innovative abilities of students.