• The Lab of Agricultural Product Processing Technology

   Ningbo Key Laboratory of Agricultural Product Processing Technology, one of the key labs in Ningbo municipality, was constructed by Zhejiang Wanli University under the auspices of bureau of science and technology in Ningbo in Dec. 1999. The total construction funds amounts to 4.5 million yuan and the lab area reaches to 1500 m2.

      The faculty comprises of 13 research fellows, 12 researchers with advanced academic and technical title. A research team with a combination of senior, middle and junior fellows has formed. Three research fields have been focused on:

      Storage and transportation of fresh agricultural products. Aim at storage and transportation technology of agricultural products of Ningbo feature. Many agricultural products originated in Ningbo such as red bayberry, green mume, bamboo shoots, taro and vegetables of exportation purpose have great competition in the market both in home and abroad. To research on this field can not only create specially famous agricultural products and enlarge the sale market of them, but also greatly add the income of farmers and promote the stable and ever-lasting development of agricultural products in Ningbo municipality.

       The comprehensive utilization and processing of agricultural materials. Aim at research es on processing technology of raising value and utilization of agricultural products. Through R & D and industrialization of new technology, technique and products, the problems of improving the efficiency of agricultural production and the incomes of peasants could be resolved, the adjustment of rural industrial structure can be promoted, and the existing consuming markets can be greatly enriched to meet the demands on agricultural products of high quality and versatility raised by the people who are getting richer and richer. Meanwhile, the development of local economics can be promoted.

        Biotechnology. Aim at researches on the application of biotechnology in deeply processing and comprehensive of agricultural products to improve the depth, intensive degree, quality and comprehensive utilization degree of agricultural products processing. Researches in this field can widen the scope of agricultural products processing, enhance the level of agricultural products processing technology, and develop products of additional value and high technology. In a word, these researches supplied powerful guaranty of science and technology to ensure a sustained and rapid development of agricultural products in Ningbo.