• Faculty of Foreign Languages

1. Brief Introduction

With nearly 2,000 full-time students and a teaching staff of more than 90, the Faculty of Foreign Languages is a dynamic and fast-growing educational institution and offers 2 full-time undergraduate programs: English and Japanese. Within the Faculty, there are two departments and two institutes: English Department, Japanese Department, Applied Language Research Institute and the Institute of Euro-American Studies.

The Faculty of Foreign Languages consists of teachers from prestigious universities both at home and abroad, with various educational backgrounds, whose rich experience and strong motivation help to provide exceptionally individualized and innovative teaching to quench students’ thirst for knowledge. Teaching’s assistance and attention paid to individual needs of students are guaranteed by the tutorial system in the office hours to ensure the psychological, moral and intellectual development of our students.

The Faculty of Foreign Languages put forward the new concept of “WRITE-TO-LEARN” and “SPEAK-TO-LEARN” as its innovations in practical teaching so as to help develop students’ abilities to write and speak. In its overall curriculum planning, the faculty, besides career-oriented courses, offers a combination of practical experience in using language in such activities and Foreign Language Saloon and classroom teaching that helps prepare student for success in tomorrow’s job market, and The Foreign Languages Journal that publishes select writing from students so that they gain a sense of achievement, which proves essential and indispensable to their future success in the workplace.

The Faculty also assists graduates in their search for employment in their field of training. Students receive assistance with search techniques, job interviews, and in resume preparation. The impressive employment rate of graduates highlights a vital factor the Faculty of Foreign Languages is producing the work-ready graduates employers want. Graduates from the Faculty of Foreign Languages are in high demand by employers throughout Zhejiang and in the neighboring provinces. So, in order to give our students the opportunity of a lifetime, we shall continue to continue to improve our overall curriculum and teaching processes to adapt ourselves to the market demands and help students to master skills for survival in life and then professional development in future.

Applied Language Research Institute

The Applied Language Research Institute aims to promote academic research and methodology in the field of foreign language teaching. The research interests of the Institute cover foreign language teaching, translation, lexicography and foreign language testing, focusing mainly on applied rather than theoretical purposes.

Institute of Euro-American Studies

The institute is dedicated to academic studies of various subjects in the fields of literature and culture in Europe and North America. We are open to all sorts of original ideas and theories because our ultimate goal is to enhance humanistic research in our faculty.

2.Undergraduate Programs


Undergraduate Program

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Bachelor of Arts