• Faculty of Culture and Media Studies

1. Brief Introduction

The Faculty Culture and Communication is composed of the Department of Chinese Literature, the Department of Communication, and the Department of Advertising, Center for Cultural and Communication Studies, and Modern Media Laboratory Center. Bachelor’s degrees are available for students majoring in Chinese Language & Literature, Journalism, and Advertising.

Journalism is the specialty which attracts the most students, according to the needs of social development and the demands for highly skilled people of media. Two specialty modules“network communication” and “media operation and management” are available under Journalism. Simultaneously, the faculty focuses on cultivating skilled journalists dealing with financial and economics news, current political news, legal news, entertainment news, sports news etc, and strives to blaze a new trail in Journalism.

The faculty offers “secretary for foreign enterprises” and “film and TV production & direction” modules under Chinese Language & Literature. As for subject expansion, the faculty provides courses in Zhejiang provincial culture and literature so as promotes Zhejiang local culture. 

The faculty also offers two specialty modules: “advertising planning & business” and “advertising design & copy writing” under Advertising. It not only attaches importance to students’ cultural accomplishment, professional quality and market practical operating ability, but also lays stress on encouraging them to master international industrial operation standards, ensuring they possess basic specific English language skills.

2. Undergraduate Programs


Undergraduate Program

Degree Conferred

Chinese Literature

Chinese Language and Literature

Bachelor of Arts



Bachelor of Arts



Bachelor of Arts