• Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

1. Brief Introduction

The Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology comprises the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Information and Computing Science, the Institute of Computer Application Technology, and the Institute of Mathematics. It administers a Computer Information Technology Laboratory Center with five laboratories: the Computer Application Technology Lab, the Computer Software Technology Lab, the Computer Network and System Integration Lab, the Mathematics Lab, and the Information Visualization Lab. 

Students in the Faculty are encouraged to be innovative and creative in their studies, and have endeavored to distinguish themselves as such in a number of ways. With the help and dedication of their teachers, the students have achieved remarkable levels of success in competitions both at home and abroad. In the National Mathematical Modeling Contest organized by the Ministry of Education, our students were awarded 7 first prizes; they ranked third in the Sensor Design Contest sponsored by the National Semiconductor Co., Ltd, USA; won the third prize in the National Challenge Cup for University students; and won a silver medal in the Zhejiang Province ACM Contest. 

2. Undergraduate Programs


Undergraduate Program

Degree Conferred

Computer Science

Computer Science and Technology

Bachelor of Engineering

Information and Computing Science

Information and Computing Science

Bachelor of Science