• Faculty of Art and Design

1. Brief Introduction

The Faculty of Design and Architecture consists of the department of architecture, the department of environmental artistic design, the department of visual communication design and the department of digital media art.

The faculty offers four bachelor degree programs, namely, artistic design (environmental artistic design), artistic design (plane design by computer), architecture and Animation.

Training Target: to cultivate qualified professionals equipped with creative thinking, artistic presentation and expertise in management. Led by the principle of “enhancing students’ all-round qualification and training professional design talents who meet the social requirements ”, emphasizing is given to the interaction of traditional language and modern media language, the integration of art and science in the courses design, so as to enable graduates not only possess the skill of plastic arts but also the practical application of artistic design.

Facilities: The faculty processes classrooms, studios, a lab center, a specialized library and reading rooms. Within the lab center there are CAD rooms, digital media studio, material and model studio, ceramics studio, as well as three main labs, namely artistic design lab, architecture technique lab and plastic design and techniques.

2. Undergraduate Programs

Program ( Emphasis )


Artistic Design (Environmental Artistic Design)

Bachelor of Arts

  Artistic Design (Plane Design)

    Bachelor of Arts

Architecture:  Architecture Design (module)

Landscape Design (module)

   Bachelor of Engineering


   Bachelor of Arts