The University of Nottingham, Ningbo China
University of Dundee


Scenery of the South―Wanli teachers’paintings in “Zhejiang Oil Painting Exhibition”

In order to demonstrate the latest achievements of Zhejiang oil painters, “Zhejiang Oil Painting Exhibition” was co-hosted by Zhejiang Arts Association, Zhejiang Oil Painters Association and China Academy of Art at the beginning of 2013. Four Wanli teachers’ oil paintings “Pomegranate in deep autumn”, “Tea perfume in April”, “Scenery in the countryside” and “Westward paddy field” have been selected into the exhibition, which is to open on March 29.

This exhibition aims to explore the relationship between man and nature, man and the world. It stresses the paintings based on the visual experience and the subjective pursuit of drawing language so as to represent the interaction of vision and heart.