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Collaboration between Wanli and the Delaware State University Being Established

On March 7, Chen Juexiang, President of Wanli University and the Vice President Ying Min held a friendly talk with the visiting guests from the Delaware State University, President Dr. Williams, the executive vice president and the assistant president.

President Chen introduced to Dr. Williams the general condition of Wanli, its school-running features and the accomplishments of international communication. He said that with its new school-running model, our university highly advocates an open-up policy and attaches importance to communication and cooperation with foreign colleges and universities. Up to now Wanli University has established cooperative relationship with over thirty colleges and universities from more than 20 countries, and developed many collaborative projects such as exchange students, mutual recognition of credit and curriculum articulation. President Chen also told the visiting guests that 2012 was a fruitful year to the university for more than 5 percent Wanli graduates chose to start their own business and the university was granted postgraduate education.

Dr. Williams also introduced the general condition of the Delaware State University. He said that the two universities had some common features for the Delaware State University attached importance to international cooperation and the students’ development either. He looked forward to smooth cooperation between the two universities in communication among the students and the teachers.

After the friendly talks, the presidents of the two universities signed a framed agreement on cooperation. Then Dr. Williams and other guests visited our beautiful campus accompanied Vice President Ying min. They also went to the Software Outsourcing Laboratory and discussed with the teachers of the College of Computer Science and Information Technology about the collaboration model.