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Vice President of Wanli University meets Canadian guests

March 28, Ms Ora, Dean of the International Affair Office of the University of The Fraser Valley (UFV) and CEO of Canadian-Chinese Affairs came to visit our university. Ms Qian Guoying, Vice President of Wanli University met the guests in meeting room 102 and held a friendly talk with them.

Qian gave a detailed introduction to the guests about Wanli school-running conception, talent-cultivation, discipline construction and international cooperation. She said that she looked forward to variety of student and teacher communication projects, to which Ms Ora expressed her agreement. Then Ms Ora introduced the general conditions of UFV. Constructed in 1974, UFV now has fifteen undergraduate majors and enrolls 16,000 students. The students may finish their study with a step-wise approach, which includes certificate, diploma and degree. Ms Ora said she hoped this meeting will deepen the understanding between the two universities and then developed 2+2 and 3+1 credit transition program and exchange student project. Then the two parties held a deeper talk about the cooperation programs and reached an agreement. After the meeting, the guests from UFV visited the campus in the company of the leaders in international affair office. Ms Ora highly praised the architectural design and landscaping of the campus.