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Nineteen Wanli Students Attended International Collegial Academic Forum

Apil 17th saw the opening of the International Collegial Academic Forum, in which nineteen Wanli students shared their academic outcomes with Russian college teachers and students via ZOOM. Under the impact of Covid-19, this year’s forum was held online providing an excellent feast of research for the college students of the two countries, who discussed the political, economic, social and cultural issues during the three-hour seminar. Live-broadcasted by Russian international broadcasting station, the forum offered an opportunity to feel the charm of thought interaction and academic sharing.

As one session of the Seventh China (Ningbo)—CEEC Education Cooperation Exchange, this forum was hosted by Ningbo Educational Bureau and Russian Ministry of Education and Science, and held by the Foreign Languages College of Zhejiang Wanli University and Yaroslavl State University. Over 100 students attended the forum and nineteen Wanli students reported their academic researches to the experts who evaluated the students’ thesis and speeches. Thirty speakers including 7 Chinese students were awarded the title of “Excellent Speaker”with the title of “Best Speaker” given to Zhong Jiaxiu and Lou Tingsha. “Chinese students’ performance made this academic forum even more fantastic,” exclaimed Professor Natalia from Yaroslavl State University after the activity. This forum was welcomed and highly praised by Chinese and Russian college students, who both said that they have learned a lot from the students’ reports and speeches about their academic studies. They all expressed a hope for the future exchange program and cooperation between the two universities.