The University of Nottingham, Ningbo China
University of Dundee


Chen Won the Grand Prize in NECCS

In the recent official announcement made by Zhejiang Division of National English Competition for College Students (NECCS) 2021, Chen Nan and Zhou Yishu, two English majors from the Foreign Languages College of our university won the grand prize and the first prize. Competing with 53 other students from Zhejiang Province in Group B for English majors, the two students of our university ranked the fourth and twelfth, which is a breakthrough in the contest.

Co-hosted by the National Committee on Teaching Foreign Language in Higher Education and the Association of Foreign Language Teaching in Higher Education, NECCS is the only contest checking college students’ comprehensive language proficiency, hence being nicknamed “the Olympic Games” of the English majors. Including some basic knowledges and the five aspects of reading, listening, speaking, writing, and translation, this contest falls into three sections: preliminary round, final and national finals. Directed by the teachers of the Foreign Languages College, Chen and Zhou have made careful preparations and thus won the top prizes in the final round. In recent years, discipline competition has been valued by the teachers and students of Foreign Languages College, who have been working arduously to promote both English teaching and learning.