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Wanli Students Ranked High in Zhejiang Provincial Final of "FLTRP ETIC Cup" English Writing Contest

October 23rd saw Zhejiang Provincial Final of FLTRP ETIC Cup English Writing Contest being held in City College of Zhejiang University. Chen Nan, an English major from Class 183 of Business English in Foreign Languages College, ranked 16th among 268 contestants from more than 50 universities in Zhejiang province and won the second prize. Zhou Yishu from English Class 191 and Wu Sijing from Business English Class 202, won the third prize, ranking 64th and 72nd respectively in the competition. The guidance team of the competition is composed of Li Yibo, Fan Qiqing and Ren Zhaohua from the Foreign Languages College. The three teachers instructed and helped the students from the registration selection to the centralized training section. According to the different conditions of the competitors, the teachers worked out different preparation plans. They also carried out flexible practice apart from the weekly fixed writing training with instruction.

It was my first time to participate in such a high-level competition, and I realized how hard it was to prepare for the competition. I learned a lot from my teachers and seniors, said Wu. Our school attaches great importance to the discipline competition and makes the landmark event as the center-piece. In addition, the Foreign Languages College is strengthening the connotation construction, the innovation of students professional teaching and academic competition combination. It is also actively building good discipline competition and training overpass. Aiming to promote teaching and improved the students' innovation ability and practice ability at the same time, these competitions provide an effective way to cultivate high-quality applied talents with solid foundation, strong ability, high quality and quick adaptation. This competition has promoted the English teaching reform of Foreign Languages College, demonstrated the English teaching level and achievements of the College, enhanced students' enthusiasm in Learning English and improved their English application ability and comprehensive ability of communication.