The University of Nottingham, Ningbo China
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Our Dragon and Lion Dancing Club Won Gold Medal in National Tournament

Recently, KunPeng Dragon and Lion Dancing Club of Wanli University won gold medal in the thirteenth National Dragon and Lion Dance Tournament, which is the best result gained by Ningbo players in this contest. Hosted by the General Administration of Sport of China and China Dragon and Lion Sport Associations, this tournament was held in Zhang Jiagang on December 22. Although being conducted via video due to the pandemic, the contest has been the most popular one for its size, influence and numbers of participants because it attracted nearly 200 teams and over 3200 players.

After receiving the contest notice, the two coaches and 38 student members of KunPeng Dragon and Lion Dancing Club began to practice the three items of “traditional dragon dance”, “innovative dragon and lion dance” and “women’s dragon dance”. Thanks to their arduous practice, the players finally won a gold medal, a bronze medal, and a first prize. “Being post-2000 generation, these students have paid a lot of efforts in the performance. I’m really proud of my team members,” said the coach. Our university has had the dragon dance club and dragon dance training for 15 years. In return for our continuous efforts, we have gained many achievements including four first prizes in Zhejiang Province and two second prizes in national tournament. We have also become the dragon dance training base of Zhejiang Province and have organized many dragon dance activities in Ningbo. In the year 2020, our KunPeng Club even participated in the CCTV Spring Festival Program.