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Zhejiang Wanli University Won Four Teaching Achievement Awards

Recently, Education Department of Zhejiang Province declared a list of Teaching Achievement Award in 2021. Four projects of our university won the award, two of which got first prize and the other two got second prize. The first prize winners were “The Exploration and Practice in the Talent Cultivation of Managerial Accountants with High Digital and Intelligent Proficiency” and “The Exploration of the Combination of Industry and Teaching Based on Industry Institute”. The two second prize winners included “Educational Reform and Innovation in College Ideological and Political Class” and “The Exploration of the Cultivation Model of Entrepreneurs in Application-Oriented University”.

Being reviewed and awarded once every four years, this teaching achievement award represented the highest level of college teaching in Zhejiang Province. The first prize won by our university this year reflects the results of our ideological education, industry and research combination, as well as innovation and entrepreneurship teaching. In addition, it also shows our school-running characteristics in the teaching reformation. During the fourteenth five-year period, our university plans to deepen our teaching reformation in the New Liberal Art Subjects, New Engineering Courses, and internationalized subject construction so that our “University Dream” can be fulfilled soon.