The University of Nottingham, Ningbo China
University of Dundee


Two New Majors Enrolled into Our School Curriculum

Recently, Ministry of Education released a report which declared the result of the examination and approval of bachelor’s degree programs of 2021, which canceled 804 majors, added 1961 majors and put 31 new majors into the list of bachelor’s degree programs. According to the report, the majors of Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Management were enrolled into our school curricula.

The major of Intellectual Property was taken by the Law School of our university to solve the problem of talent shortage, cultivate experienced and qualified high-level talents of intellectual property for the local economy of Ningbo, Zhejiang and even the Yangtze River Delta. For the Business School of our university, Entrepreneurship Management intends to cultivate inter-disciplinary talent, and explore an innovative way of talent cultivation model. This new set major aims to help students to learn to start up a business, run the business and make it a profitable one so that the students will become inter- disciplinary talents with entrepreneurship. Along with the major of Art and Science established in 2021, these three majors are going to recruit students from this year on. With more and more majors added to our school curriculum, our university is sure to follow the pace of local and national economy and transfer more and more qualified talents in the future.