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Wanli English Majors Won Third Prize in East China Regionals of the 24th "FLTRP·ETIC Cup" National English Debating Competition

Recently the East China Regionals of the 24th FLTRP·ETIC Cup National English Debating Competition was hosted on line. Among its 121 teams, our school team formed by Chen Nan and Zhou Yishu from Foreign Languages College scored the third prize. The competition, hosted by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, China English Language Education Association and other renowned associations, is the only one of its kind in China.

In the competition, the participants debated around heated issues like whether we should ban gene modifying experiments on humans, whether we should embrace digital creation, whether we should allow our mediocre children to “lay flat” and so forth. Our two debaters, under the guidance of their teachers from Foreign Languages College, brainstormed and contended with debaters from first-tier universities like East China Normal University, Shanghai University for prize, showing the strength of our Wanli Students. After the contest, Chen Nan said reaped a lot in this tournament and thought debating with conspicuous debaters from other universities a perfect opportunity to call his final year in Wanli an end.

Foreign Languages College has always been putting great emphasis on academic contests and regarded it as a wonderful opportunity to cultivate students’ critical thinking and other innovative capabilities. Thanks to the efforts of our teachers and students from Foreign Language College, great scores were seen in the past two years. We have aced in national finals of China Mobile Cup English Star Contest, FLTRP·ETIC Cup National English Debating Competition, all China Interpreting Contest, National English Competition for College Students,China National Japanese Speech Contest and other 20 or so renowned academic competitions. In total, we have won prizes in over 600 provincial and national contests.