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Zhejiang Wanli University atop the List of Zhejiang Provincial First-Rank Majors(Application-Oriented)

In a recent report issued by Iershen Alumni Association network, Zhejiang Wanli University for a second time was atop the list of Zhejiang Provincial first rank majors(application-oriented). On this list of national provincial first-rank majors were one seven-star major, fourteen six-star majors, thirteen five-star majors and thirteen four-star majors. As a pioneer in the reform of regional applied universities, our university follow closely the pulse of the times, attach importance to high quality connotation development, aim at national level demonstration zones of collective prosperity, Zhejiang, Ningbo modern coastal city development, construction of new engineering and the liberal arts, hence promoting subject chain, professional chain docking with the industry chain, adjusting and optimizing the layout of disciplines. Up to now our university has set up 8 disciplines covering 31 first-level disciplines, including 52 majors such as logistics management, e-commerce, biotechnology and international economics and trade. There are 15 first-class professional construction points above the provincial level, including 9 national first-class professional construction points.

On top of this list are the following majors such as Artificial intelligence, blockchain engineering, data science and big data technology, Internet of Things engineering, food nutrition and health that rank first in the engineering category. Exhibition Economics and Management, logistics Management rank the first among the categories of management. Biotechnology rank first in science department. The environmental Design major ranks first in the category of art, which is a signal of the school's achievements. Over the years, our school has built a diversified talent training model by exploring the reform of education and teaching and integrating the characteristics of production and education, innovation and entrepreneurship, and internationalization.

In recent years, our university has gained remarkable achievements. In 2021, Wanli University obtained three master’s degree authorization including international Business, Biology and Medicine, and engineering Management. The teachers’ development index of our university ranks the 12th among newly-established universities in China. Our university ranks 38th in innovation and entrepreneurship competitiveness and 43rd in international competitiveness. Funded by the National Development and Reform Commission, Zhejiang Wanli University has been selected as a provincial engineering research center and provincial demonstration base for mass entrepreneurship and innovation. The Awards granted to our university includes “one of the first provincial-level civilized campuses”, “advanced unit for building national civilized campuses”, and “chairman unit of the national application-oriented university graduate education development alliance”. Besides, Zhejiang Wanli University has also won two first prizes and two second prizes of higher education teaching achievements in Zhejiang Province.

The alumni association 2022 China’s university first-class major ranking index has been set up according to the discipline level, training quality, professional level and professional teachers and , covering more than 100 outstanding evaluation index such as evaluation results of national double top construction subject discipline and the Ministry of Education, national first-class undergraduate professional construction point, distinguished alumni, faculty, and the like. Nearly 60,000 undergraduate majors from 1,236 universities across the country participate in the evaluation, covering more than 730 undergraduate majors in 12 broad categories and 92 majors. Having been published for 20 consecutive years since 2003, the Alumni Association China University Rankings is one of the most influential university rankings in China.