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Delegation Led by President Ying Visit European Universities

Recently, a delegation led by President Ying Min visited a few European universities including the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Business and Information Technology School(BITS),  Universidad Rey Juan Carlos(URJC) and Universidad de Jaén.

In the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, President Ying and other delegates were welcomed by Vice President Rudolf Luckmann who showed them around in school laboratories, teaching buildings and teachers’ studios. During the  stay in the university, the two sides also discussed about the applied talent teaching model. In BITS, President Stefan Stein warmly welcomed Wanli guests and negotiated with them about cooperation with companies and cultivation of high-level applied talents. Later, Wanli University signed the contract of exchange programs with BITS. In URJC, President Ying had detailed discussion with President JAVIER RAMOS LOPEZ about the two plus two program. In Universidad de Jaén, Vice President SEBASTIAN BRUQUE held a friendly talk with Wanli delegates about student exchange program, scientific research cooperation and two-side 2+2 program.