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Training Class for Czech Language Was Offered at Wanli University

Wanli University witnessed the opening ceremony of the Czech and Cultural Studies Center and the 1st Czech language training class on May 18th that would cultivate Czech-speaking talents for enterprises in Ningbo based on “customized-training” mode.

It has been learned the 1st session of Czech training class is the first time for Ningbo colleges and universities to cultivate application-oriented talent of minority language based on “customized-training” mode. As one important component of Czech and Cultural Studies Center, the class will cultivate 40 Czech-speaking talents who will directly go to work at three corresponding enterprises in Ningbo after their graduation. The specific training is conducted cooperatively by University of Hradec Králové and Wanli Univerity. Students will learn Czech language in their spare time taught by foreign teachers from University of Hradec Králové and they will participate an exchange program during summer vacation in Czech Republic to accomplish their learning.

With the deepening of national strategy “One-Belt-One-Road”, there has been an increasingly close cooperation between central and eastern European countries and Zhejiang Province in which Czech Republic has been playing a vital role of “bridgehead”. A closer cooperation between Ningbo and Czech Republic has been developing with the founding of China-Czech Industrial Park. Meanwhile the need of Czech-speaking talents are in great demand that can’t pace with a further cooperation between the enterprises in Ningbo and Czech Republic. Therefore, the Foreign Languages College of Wanli University set up the Czech and Cultural Studies Center to meet the demand as a new attempt to cultivate application-oriented talents.

Ms. MO Li-li, Dean of Foreign Languages College introduced business talents who can speak Czech language have been enjoying great popularity among employers and thus Foreign Languages College conducted this program cultivating talents with “customized-training” mode focusing on students’ language proficiency and application to achieve the combination of students’ enrollment and staff’s recruitment, the integration of internship and employment that not only ensure students’ employment after graduation but also meet the demand of Czech talents for some Ningbo enterprises.