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Mexican Governor Visit the Campus

Recently, a delegation of Mexican State Aguascalientes led by Governor Martin Orozco Sandoval came to visit our university. President of Wanli University Ying Min and Vice President Qian Guoying gave the visiting guests warm welcome and had a friendly meeting with them.

President Ying introduced the general conditions of the university to the visitors, including the history of school, the strategy of running school and the internationalization of the university. He said that our friendship with Aguascalientes started in 2007 and 2008 when two groups of students from Aguascalientes came to visit the campus. President Ying said that he hoped this visit to strengthen the coordination between Wanli and Aguascalientes in education. Governor Sandoval replied that the purpose of this visit was to further cooperation with Wanli, so as to build an overseas platform for Mexican students and enhance the internationalization of Mexican higher education. Vice President Qian Guoying delivered a detailed report of our university to the guests, who then had an in-depth knowledge of different colleges with their features, majors, and international programs. At the end of the meeting, the two sides reached an agreement and expressed the hope for exchange programs in next year.