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The First Chinese on Antarctica Delivers a Speech on Campus

November 6th saw the visit of Professor Wei Menghua to Zhejiang Wanli University. As the first Chinese on Antarctica, Professor Wei delivered to our students a speech “Two Poles on Earth and the Future of Human Beings” about the wonders of Antarctica.  

Professor Wei presented a wonderful polar region to the students and left deep impressions to them with his humor and adventurous experiences. He told the students about the significance of the polar region to the development of mankind in military strategy, natural resources and climate. The audience was amazed by the polar scenery and the arduous efforts of the explorers and scientists. During the speech, Professor Wei encouraged students to cherish lofty ideals, read more books and study more to be real talents for the development of the country.

A researcher in State Seismology Bureau, Professor Wei Minghua went to the US as a visiting scholar in 1981 and was one of the few Chinese scholars on the Antarctica Continent. In 1995, he led a scientific group to the North Pole and conducted scientific experiments. Having been to the South Pole once and North Pole nine times, Professor Wei is the first Chinese scientist who has lived and worked in the Polar Regions for the longest time up to now.