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Newspaper of Czech Republic Report Zhejiang Wanli University

Recently, a local newspaper of Králové in Czech Republic report Zhejiang Wanli University of our Czech Language Training Program. The program is highly complimented for being the first one in China and a great cooperation between the two countries. Chinese students are also praised for their hard working and enormous progresses.

This training program has attracted attentions from all walks of life since its first class in May. Over 80 students have been enrolled into the program, which is helpful to the Belt and Road strategy by providing foreign language talents in urgent need. Students have been working so hard that their efforts are highly praised in a live interview produced by a local radio station in early August. Over the years, Zhejiang Wanli University has made great contributions to the international communication and cross-cultural talent cultivation. Our university has been making active explorations in promoting in-depth cooperation between the two countries since the founding of Middle East European Culture Institute in 2016 and Czech Language and Culture Center in 2017.