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Undergraduates of Zhejiang Wanli University in 2017 Robotex Competition

Recently, under the guidance of leaders and teachers in College of Electronics and Computing Science, two Wanli undergraduates took part in the Robotex Competition in Estonia and attended two contests—maze and tacking. Senior student Zhao Wenhui’s robot in maze scored vey high and finally won the 12th in world ranking.

Starting from the year 2001, Robotex Competition is the biggest robot competition co-organized by Tallinn University of Technology and University of Tartu. With robot contest, technology summit and technique exhibition as its major activities, this competition attracts over 20 thousand robot fans joining in variety of events like sumo, tracking, maze, water rallying, cross-country rallying, house breaking, city traversing, and unmanned plane racing. All robot amateurs and fans can take part in the competition regardless of their age and occupation. The top three in each individual event can be admitted to postgraduate school of many distinguished universities in Europe.

Our students have gained a lot after attending the competition because they have had a chance to watch other excellent players’ performance and also had a chance to see the latest robot products and technology. So this competition is of great importance to our students in that it helps to promote students’ learning interest and creativity.